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Originally Posted by limey View Post
Gusts up to 50? Pshaw! We don't get excited about any gusts under 60 ...
Originally Posted by richlevy View Post
Yes but you're probably thinking in KPH. KPH is to speed what the peso is to money. It sounds like a lot until you figure out what you need to buy a loaf of bread.

It's time to go back to your roots and use Imperial measurements.

Foot = king's foot
League = average distance to nearest soccer stadium
Originally Posted by limey View Post
Nope. In Blighty we measure small things in cm and metres (note spelling!) but bigger things in miles so I was thinking Mph, definitely.
I think it is because we didn't want to go the all the public expense of changing all of the road signs ...

Having learnt both Imperial and Metric systems at school, I suppose that I should be able to move from one to the other without problems.
Unfortunately, I don't. I always estimate distances/dimensions in Imperial terms.
If I need say, a piece of 2" x 2" deal about 2' 6" long, I will go down to the shed and, with a bit of luck, emerge with something the right size having eye balled it.
If I was expected to look for a piece of 50mm x 50mm timber 76cm long I wouldn't know where to start.
OK, I could use the other side of a tape measure but I don't hold with all these high tech gizmos.

Anyway, it was pleasing to read this letter in this morning's Daily Telegraph.

Foot marks in snow

SIR – What a pleasure it has been over the past two or three days to hear US citizens describing the snowfall in feet and inches.

Much appreciated by us dinosaurs still roaming about.

John England
Stroud, Gloucestershire

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