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Ten years of SakuraCon

New update to old thread

As you can see SonofV and I started attending Sakura-Con in 2008. This year marks our tenth consecutive Sakura-Con. Here are some picture from the journey.


SonofV was in middle school and I knew very little about anime and this convention. As a result, he went in costume and I went in my street clothes. Booooyyyy, did I feel out of place.

Here is (a much younger and smaller) SonofV in his full regalia as Jiro Mochizuki. He looks good, this is our first con and the costume turned out pretty good.
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Here's one of the very few pictures of us together this year. I learned my lesson, I took more pictures in subsequent years.
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Of course, there's more to do than just look at the costumes on all the people, like video games. This was a big draw for him. He played guitar hero and countless other console games.
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The con is held at the the Washington State Convention Center, appropriately enough. It seems to land on Easter weekend each year, and as you can see, the blossoming cherry trees celebrate too.
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