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Damn, did I miss two of these?

1. Do you play golf? I've knocked the ball around, but, no.

2. If you came into possession of a 3-foot long clean cardboard tube would your first act be to hold it to your mouth and blow raspberries/use it like a megaphone, wield it like a sword, or something else? I howled like a wolf through it, the last time I was in possession of one, to mess with my cat, Slick. He was weirded out by that pretty bad.

3. Do you wear socks with sandals? No, I don't wear sandals.

4. 7 or 11? Tank yoo, comb again.

5. What do you put in your coffee apart from a spoon? No coffveve for me, thanks.

6. You get a free 10-session art/craft class –what class do you choose? (Remember, only 10 sessions are free….) Nude photography.

7. Pasta or Rice? Tough choice, but, prolly rice.

8. Which word do you most enjoy mis-saying or mis-pronouncing (e.g. Viola instead of Voila, Destructions instead of Instructions, Sparrow Guts for Asparagus, Home Despot….) I say Dordge instead of Dodge, Frod instead of Ford...

9. What have you most enjoyed about the year so far? Not too damn much!

10. How are your legs positioned RFN? Bent at the knees beneath the chair, soles of my feet parallel (more or less) to my back.

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