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Earlier in this thread there was mention of a brazilian. I have to tell you guys, I got a gift certificate for a spa. Initially I thought I would go have a pedicure but as I perused the menu I became more and more interested in getting a wax. We were headed off for a 3 day weekend with two other couples up in Jackson hole and I figured it would add a spark to our otherwise predictable sex life if I were to get a brazilian, I planned on having her leave a landing strip. I talked to my husband about it and he was all for it. He even shaved his boys to make the whole thing even sexier. I must say, the end result was fabulous. I would love to continue to have this procedure done on a regular basis but I plan to research my location and find someone who isn't a ^%*$# sadist to do it next time. The pain was so enormous I actually laughed each time she would rip off the wax. I have never had that reaction to pain before. I don't know if I was laughing to keep from crying and shrieking or if I was laughing because I was stupid enough to pay someone to inflict that kind of pain.
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