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I've read that in a lot of places, ATTEMPTED suicide is illegal. Gives new meaning to "it's only illegal if they catch you."

The 'Suicide Divide' as I understand it is primarily a White People Activity. Astonishingly, statistics show that the group least likely to commit suicide in the USA are extremely poor black women.

I believe that forcing someone to remain alive against their will is unethical. Of course there are exceptions--there always are--but if someone has a medical condition or no family or other problems that bad, let them decide if they want to go or stay. This is the opinion, however, of someone who has never had a family member (that I've been told about) or close friend take their own life. One neighbor, a while back, but again...he had reasons. Income halved, feet getting necrotic from diabetes-related circulation problems, ex-wife about to sue him for most of what he had left, not enough money for a decent apartment even before his income got halved...yeah, he had reasons.

I think it should be illegal for the decision to live or die to be taken away from the terminally ill. Everyone else should at least have to pretend to want help at least once, but I think terminal medical diagnosis should be a qualifier to make up one's own mind.
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