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Wait it's a reboot? I thought it's supposed to be Alien 2.5, Or the new Alien 3 with Alien 3 & 4 becoming 4 & 5... Or Alien 5 with Prometheus 1 & 2 becoming Alien 1 & 2? Or just Alien 5 after Alien 4 but styled like Aliens 2? Or a midboot continuing a new timeline from after Aliens 2? Or a new ending For Ripley's part in the franchise replacing Aliens 3? And where is it in the predator time line? And will leviathan now be part of the franchise? And why did prometheus need to introduce faster then light travel? Wasn't the whole point of cryosleep an alternative to FTL?And why did they still have cryochambers when they were in FTL and didn't experience time at all? And who the fuck hired Keanu Reeves to play in the new aliens movie? Or was that just a separate segment about the earth stood still?
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