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Dear cellar

Two questions, both about movies I can't quite remember.

1 -- on the heels of the Dil Se youtube post I just made, I am vaguely reminded of a Bollywood/crossover movie released here in the US a year, a couple years ago. Was a splashy hit, but apparently not enough to soak into my memory. Any help on a title please?

2 -- Speaking of heels, this is another dance/music movie I'm really struggling to recall. This one was more to do with tango, or flamenco... some hawt latin dancing... I can't remember exactly. One scene in it I do remember well was of a close up of the heel of a dusty boot stomping down onto a wooden floor, perhaps on the patio outdoors. It was the "patrone" of the family, demonstrating the real way to do a move... or some such... aaauuuughhh...


there you go. PLEASE HELP!
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