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Originally Posted by sexobon View Post
or too much.
Same applies to regulations. Too much can be harmful. Too little can be just (or more) destructive.

We know that industries that have more regulation deserved it. The finance industry is a perfect example. When deregulation occured, then a massive recession happened. Need we cite 2007 because George Jr implemented economically destructive tax cuts, eliminated necessary regulations such as Glass–Steagall, and encouraged massive economic activity that was not in open markets.

Regulation finally made possible broadband. A technology that existed in 1981 and was not implemented until laws both defined it and made it the internet finally available.

Few would remember how bad air smelled in the 1950 and 60s. So bad that bumper to bumper traffic literally meant headaches. And adjacent land, subjective to toxic emissions, still remains contaminated today. All that stopped when regulations, implemented first in early 1970 vehicles were required. As a result, cars became more reliable, got better gas mileage, and needed less parts. Another example of why some industries need more regulation to be productive.

One example of a industry that needs regulation is social media. Even Mark Zuckerberg admits it.
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