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As to the timing - maybe a bunch of other complicated shit going on in the background may have helped a little. Give his brain something compelling and immediate to focus on.

Either way, the boy done good. Doesn't sound like he'd be very easily messed with either.

You know - I do sometimes think this generation coming up now is pretty awesome. They get a lot of stick for the selfie and social media youth culture - but there's a lot about their culture and outlook that is way more impressive than our generation's youth culture (to my recollection anyway) - a work ethic and focused sense of possibility seem to be key characteristics. Probably largely because of parents like you.
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Short article in this morning's paper said teens today are drinking less alcohol than teens in the past, and baby boomers are drinking more alcohol than 65+ folks in the past. The kids aren't the problem.
This, all of this.
If you would only recognize that life is hard, things would be so much easier for you.
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