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1) You only have time for one: Museum of Art, or Natural History?
Natural History, but only because I've been to MOMA before.

2) Househunting: biggest turn off -bad kitchen or bad bathroom?
Bathroom would give me the more visceral reaction, but logic would make the kitchen a bigger deal-breaker.

3) Brown or Grey/Gray?

4) Best Salad Dressing?
Balsamic vinaigrette

5) If you won enough money to be a space tourist with a private space exploration company (but no more than that) would you do it? Let's say the trip is one orbit of the earth in a shuttle-style thing so landing would be on solid ground
Would I go to space if given the opportunity? Yes. Would I spend my own money on it, if I were able to spend it on something else? No.

6) Your favorite secret ingredient in the kitchen?

7) Have you broken a bone as an adult? And if so, were you doing something stupid?
Never broken any I'm aware of. Might have fractured a toe or two, though, and just never gotten it checked out.

8) Do you have a grocery shopping list or just wing it?
This question is insane. I often RE-WRITE my list on a new piece of paper before heading out, with the items arranged into the order they appear in the store.

9) Would you?

10) Jeans or Sweat Pants?
Yoga pants.
My book
My spirit animal
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