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1) You only have time for one: Museum of Art, or Natural History? Frankly, I'd have to toss a coin
2) Househunting: biggest turn off -bad kitchen or bad bathroom? Kitchen, who spends much time in the bathroom?
3) Brown or Grey/Gray? Grey.
4) Best Salad Dressing? French
5) If you won enough money to be a space tourist with a private space exploration company (but no more than that) would you do it? Let's say the trip is one orbit of the earth in a shuttle-style thing so landing would be on solid ground Well, actually, nope. There's other travel I'd rather do with that sort of money.
6) Your favourite secret ingredient in the kitchen? Smoked Paprika
7) Have you broken a bone as an adult? And if so, were you doing something stupid? Yes and Yes
8) Do you have a grocery shopping list or just wing it? Yes and Yes
9) Would you? I expect so
10) Jeans or Sweat Pants? Jeans all the way, though I'm tempted to go over to the layered leggings/tunic/overshirt look.
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