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1) You only have time for one: Museum of Art, or Natural History?

It would depend on my mood on the day - probably Natural History

2) Househunting: biggest turn off -bad kitchen or bad bathroom?

I agree with Clod - Bad Bathroom would provoke the most visceral reaction, but would be less difficult to deal with than a bad kitchen

3) Brown or Grey/Gray? Grey

4) Best Salad Dressing? It's a toss up between simple mayonnaise or a lighter vinaigrette

5) If you won enough money to be a space tourist with a private space exploration company (but no more than that) would you do it? Let's say the trip is one orbit of the earth in a shuttle-style thing so landing would be on solid ground

If the alternative is keeping the money to do something else with it then no - I can think of a lot of stuff I could buy right now :P

6) Your favorite secret ingredient in the kitchen? raspberry jam. Spoonful of that in any broth or gravy

7) Have you broken a bone as an adult? And if so, were you doing something stupid? Not as an adult - I don't think. Again, like Clod - I did think I might have broken a toe at one point but never did anything about it.

8) Do you have a grocery shopping list or just wing it? Generally I wing it. I carry a list in my head of stuff I need - and add to it as I go. The only time I use shopping lists is when shopping for other people or shopping for Christmas pressies

9) Would you? ...maybe

10) Jeans or Sweat Pants? Outdoors Jeans, indoors sweat pants.
There's only so much punishment a man can take in pursuit of punani. - Sundae

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