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It's been pretty much a Dorothy Parker week (what fresh hell is this?). Every day something new and amusing.

But - last weekend was the 7th hell or lower. This weekend I've clambered up to the 3rd or so, I think. Making progress. Given the past week, losing my hair in the next few days won't even show up on the radar. 'Bald this morning? Does it hurt? Does it make me throw up? No? Easiest part of my day.'

One day at a time, hour by hour, I am moving forward through this. When you're going through hell, keep going, and all that.

And - the diorama idea is toast as far as work is concerned. The hospital just put new policies on dress and behavior in place that will keep any creative self-expression well hidden. But that's what the wig was always for, anyway. I can always have fun on weekends.
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