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1) Did you make any New Year's Resolutions? If so, what was the most unusual/interesting?
No, kinda slept through the whole thing. I may belatedly resolve to adopt glatt's attitude on the subject.

2) Flamingo or Peacock?
I saw a white peacock at the game reserve awhile back. Maybe it was an albino... anyhow.. just striking, quite beautiful.

3) What is the best two digit number?
ED (hex)

4) coffee or tea?

5) What does the smell of coconut remind you of? Coconuts and....?
Coppertone suntan lotion, summers as a kid growing up in Southern California, the pool, the beach, girls. Ahhhhh....

6) There's a weird time warp and you're stranded on a desert island with Albert Einstein, Malala Yousafzai, Robin Williams, Marie Curie, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Marilyn Monroe, Neil Armstrong and Ellen DeGeneres.
They're all the same age. You have wood and the means to make fire. Who do you kill and eat first?
Aw, look, boy girl boy girl... honestly, I don't want to choose any of them. Not to be totally Kobayashi Maru on you, but... aren't there fish in the water around the island?

7) Would you rather do a Parachute Jump or Scuba Dive?
SCUBA dive over SKY dive every goddamn day of the week, twice on Sunday. Perfectly good plane and all that.

8) What is your favo(u)rite thing with wings?
I don't have a clever answer, so I'll join Dana--Crows, etc.

9) Which close family member is driving you the most nuts right now?
My youngest sister. It's sad and I'm not sure how to get our relationship out of the ditch.

10) Do you delete your internet search history regularly?
No. No point. I rely on my search history for convenience's sake. I do also use private browsing regularly, daily, mostly at work, sometimes at home or mobile.

11) What's the most impressive celestial event you have witnessed (eclipse, meteor shower, northern lights....)
On a cruise through the south Pacific, somewhere between Tahiti and Sydney, there were days, and nights at sea. On one of the nights there was no moon and I went to one of the forward observation decks. There were no lights forward and only a little light pollution from the rails where we were. When that was masked out, a star-filled sky revealed itself. I will never forget the astonishment I felt seeing stars all the way down to the horizon, as dense as they were high in the sky, ending only in the inky black sea.

12) You have to choose one variety of cheese for all your cheese needs over the next six months. Which do you choose?
Goat cheese, please Gromit.

13) Which part of your body is least average in size?
I have a long torso and long arms. My "wingspan" is about 80 inches.[
Also a very stable genius.
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