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Originally Posted by Gravdigr View Post
Crash has been AWOL for two weeks now. Best Friend let him out at five one morning, haven't seen him since. Right about one year old.
Originally Posted by Gravdigr View Post
That's Best Friend, not me. Crash belongs to him, but, he's our doggie.
Grav I am really sorry for you.
And I know things are different in the States and that Best Friend is like... well - your Best Friend.

But in this country Best Friend would be an arsehole.
You do not let dogs out to roam around unsupervised. Even apart from the antisocial aspect of shitting on pavements and howling after bitches on heat within well fenced yards, they are in danger themselves.

You loved Crash and it must hurt like buggery.
Many fingers crossed he remembers the house where he knew his place in the pack and comes home to you.

Dani those are cutesome. I can see the Beardie in him now.
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