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Andy (the reluctant outdoor dog) got into an argument with another dog this weekend. The argument's over and this was the result. Of course, a tiny wound like this is impossible to see when it is fresh, but by the next day the side of his face and head was swollen. It was so tender it was impossible to touch his right ear even. So I cleaned it, drained it, shaved it, cleaned it again, disinfected it, drained it, cleaned it, repeat repeat repeat. He's no longer tender to the touch, thank goodness. His temperament is as good as it ever is, his appetite is normal, I think he's gonna be fine. But I have cleaned the wound probably six times several hours apart since Sunday and each time I get gross gunk from the wound, albeit less each time. And the swelling is now practically invisible. I have also taken to applying hot compresses to that side of his little head over the wound to warm up and loosen any material in there. It's pretty gross but I think he'll be ok. Poor guy.

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