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Because I'm on an early shift this week, I am getting up way too early to even begin to consider stomaching breakfast. And because last week was a late shift and my body hasn't managed to reset its clock yet, I'm lying awake half the night, getting maybe 3 to 4 hours sleep at best and then coming home from work tired. I can't get it together to make much of a lunch to take - and am limping towards payday so no cafe/canteens dinners for me.

So it's been instant noodles or cupasoup and bread at lunch and then getting home hungry but lacking the getupandgo required to cook - and no running off to the shop for ready meals :P

Long story short - I just ate one of the laziest and cheapest meals I've had in some time and it was awesome. The emergency pack of instant mashed potato made with a splash of milk and some boiling water - a bit of butter and grated cheese - some boiled winter veg (from the freezer) and a grilled beef burger - all with instant gravy over it.

The only prep involved was boiling a small pan, lighting the grill and grating cheese, turning the burger over and stirring the mash and gravy.

I am full and feeling quite smug about it.
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