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Originally Posted by piercehawkeye45 View Post
This topic isn't intense, just philosophical. The fact that you, being Canadian, directly benefits from a massive genocide and relocation of the native population along with the exploitation of people across the globe is an intense topic. Don't think that just because you live north of us doesn't mean you don't still benefit from the exact same things that you look down on us for.
there you go with the seperation thing again.
i'm speaking of humanity, as a whole, without any seperations.
we are a species that includes males and females of all races, from all nations.

all the damages that are made to this planet, are being made by us.
its not the cat or the trees or the fish, its us.
we're the bad guys.

and what is it that is causing us to be the bad guys?
is it not that which seperates us from all other species?
our mind.... which is dependant upon this temporary vessel.
if consciousness isn't dependant on this vessel, than it is a superior tool than this temporary one.
perhaps we're not all mature enough to function beyond this temporary self.
pls stfu k thx
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