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Originally Posted by DanaC View Post
I disagree. What renders us capable of wreaking havoc might be our intellects. What actually makes us do it, can usually be found in the older parts of our brain. We just clothe it in philosophy or the skins of pink unicorns as a rationalisation of our animal instincts.
the brain, thought ...thats what i was refering to.

killing off 90 percent of the shark population over the past 10 years, by catching them, cutting off their fins, and throwing the remaining body back in the water in order to sell a bowl of shark fin soup in the east for 100 bucks a bowl, is due to the belief that sharks have magical powers and keep people from getting cancer[false]

killing 1 miilion women[catholic church] because they had freckles or birthmarks[signs of satan], by burning them at the stake.

the poisoning of the air and the waters across the globe.

the imprisoment of all life forms.
our complete lack of respect when dealing with other species on this planet.
nagasaki, hiroshima... i don't care so much for the people lost, but our total lack of considering the rest of life that was lost and damaged.
we still, to this day have not considered it, not even for a second.

its our thoughts, our brain, our physical mind.... it is the cause for all these actions.

nah - just nice to interact a bit with you outside of the gambling threads.
its all good classicman, i have been out before you know, you must have missed me.
pls stfu k thx
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