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They are not equivalent.

The left/liberals are often accused of engaging in moral equivalency when they try to understand the root of something like islamic terrorism.

An alt right terrorist just drove a vehicle into a crowd of protestors, killing a young woman.

The protestors are arguing against racism, and against the glorification of historical figures who led a bitter and bloody fight against the rest of the country to defend their right to own human beings.

The people attending the alt right rally were marching along shouting racist slogans ("The Jews will not replace us") giving nazi salutes and waving swastikas and confederate flags - expressing a moral and ideological loyalty to fascism.

On one side a fairly disparate group, with multiple viewpoints, united by a desire to draw a line between the society America currently has and a former, though not that distant age, in which white people could own and brutalise black people.

On the other side, a tooled up mini-militia waving nazi flags and shouting nazi slogans. Prepared to kill to protect their image of the South.

I am sickened. Truly sickened. How many of our grandparents fought, suffered, or died, in the war against the nazi butchers?

Not sickened by the fact that this could happen - it can happen, it does happen - here and in Europe, and in the US - these marches and rallies spring up and there is violence. A right wing nationalist murdered an MP not so long ago and so far from where I live.

I am sickened to hear the president of the USA struggle to condemn them, and then cast equal blame onto the other side.
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