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"the people who were protesting the nazi rally in Charlottesville weren't all university students"

And not a one would call themselves 'communist' or 'marxist' even though the organizations they align with are, which goes some way as evidence that -- outside of university -- most folks steer clear of those labels, even when they agree, cuz they know most folks frown, rightfully, on such things.


"the removal of the statue had been voted on by the people of Charlottesville"

No, the city council did, not the voters, and that city council decision is being disputed in court.


"Many of those protesting their presence there were just ordinary citizens of the town.

No, most of the race-haters and commies were outsiders.


"the labour movement has also generally been one of the streams of socialism."

Yes, I'm sure those folks sincerely believe their 'socialism' is the 'good' kind. They don't recognize that half the blade in the belly, instead of the whole blade, is still a bad thing.
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