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Originally Posted by Griff
We're getting some pressure to get the girls involved in a scouting organization. I never joined and always just assumed that scouting was based in early 20th century totalitarianism and a really bad idea. We may not let them do it just because there are many more valuable ways to spend time but my question is, is there more to scouting than submission to various social "virtues" as defined by the total state?
I was a Girl Scout and I loved it. Kids don't really look at the political aspect of it, but I understand your concern about those issues. My biggest issue with scouting is the problems a few years back about the boy scouts not allowing gay leaders. I don't know what the current stance is on that, but I think they lost a lot of support because of it. Anyway, I liked it as a kid, and the Girl Scouts still have the BEST cookies!
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