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Originally Posted by Undertoad
Re-configure your pop-up blocker. Both those items open new windows.

Permit anything from, you will never get burnt here.


After having uninstalled the whole freakin browser, um, 20 times!, I finally learned that each time it came back from the dead the same brain damaged way.

/big sigh/

Anyway, I discovered that it uses some very persistent configuration files, namely user.js, prefs.js, and others. try typing about:config in your firefox browser. verrrrrrrrah eeeenteresting, and jes, eet steenks. Those settings stayed in place through all the uninstalls and restarts. I finally succeeded in getting what I wanted, a clean install, by renaming the Mozilla folder in the application data directory.


Thanks for your help.

lessthan big greaterthan
should be bigger

lessthan normal greaterthan


should be normal

but ain't...

is it small?

well, normal really.

what other lessthan parameter greaterthan functions are there I wonder.
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