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That's absolutely true; radio programmers sussed it out over time. Top 40 radio has generally been programmed that way, and sometimes it was more specific then anyone knew or believed. Top of the hour, play a well-known hit; 5 minutes in, play a ballad; 10 minutes in, play a new song; 15 minutes in, play an oldie. Repeat through day.


Discover Weekly is still great, still a tremendous Spotify feature, but now they've branched out:

Now they give us "Your Daily Mix", between 1-6 playlists, depending on how diverse your listening is.

So for example, if you listen to jazz every once in a while, your Discover Weekly may have 1-2 jazz songs in it. Your Daily Mix might have three playlists, and one will have just jazz, while the others have no jazz at all.

Right now my "Daily Mix" has created 4 playlists. One British pop (from Elvis Costello to Belle & Sebastian), one modern jazz (Snarky Puppy to Weather Report), one crazy unpredictable funk (via Vulfpeck), one classy electronic stuff (Zero 7, Tycho). That pretty much represents my listening habits.

Right now, in one playlist, most of the songs are familiar. In another, only TWO are. That is weird and wild and pretty much what I was hoping for. It's like, sometimes you want a radio station to play mostly your songs. Sometimes you want one to play mostly new weird stuff.

Spotify is on point and doing a great job.
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