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Originally Posted by Aliantha View Post
A round of sandwiches is just one sandwich. A round of toast is just one slice of toast, unless you're going to make two slices of toast into a sandwich I guess.
That's as I suspected. But can you see why it doesn't make sense?
A sandwich is two slices of bread and a filling.
So the "round" unnecessary.
A slice of toast is a slice of toast. See above.

Not criticising your late mother of course Ali.

It just seems wrong to me.
I think it comes from the fact sandwiches and toast are often cut up. So you think you are eating more. Hence a round could be shared. Not by me of course - I will scratch and bite you.

Interesting idea re rounded bread, but baking loaves in tins has been around for a long time. Surely longer than sandwiches? Feel free to correct me - I can't be arsed to look into it. It might make my ranting feel irrelevant.
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