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Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce View Post
They don't know where the gas is stored or where it's being made,
View the satellite photos. Encircled are bunkers where planes were hit. Also pointed out were the fuel depot (not attacked), storage facility for Sarin (not attacked), all runways (not attacked), and where the Russians and their helicopters were located (far from any attacked bunker).

Get your head out of your intestines. Stop acting as ignorant as that cheapshot artist. Photos in numerous responsible press outlets showed all that only 24 hours after the expensive and irrelevant attack. Why do you know by ignoring satellite pictures even on the front page of newspapers?

What did The Donald not know? If he did not know where the Sarin was made, then he could of acted intelligent like Clinton - who delayed his attacks on Iraq until those locations were accurately identified. But that means The Donald would be patient - not knee jerk emotional.
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