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Originally Posted by Undertoad View Post
The American intelligence agencies said Saddam had WMDs.
No they did not. Did you hear what the intelligence agencies were saying repeatedly? No. To this day, you still believe that lie. As clearly and repeatedly demonstrated in the Cellar back in 2003.

Where was Cheney getting this stuff? American intelligence agencies were constantly scrambling. They could not find any evidence for myths that we now know Cheney invented. That, sir, is irrefutable fact even back then. It was posted here in the Cellar back in 2003 constantly. Because you kept repeating those Cheney lies.

Intelligence community is again doing same with so many Trump lies.

Cheney was taking raw data and inventing 'ghouls hiding to kill us all'. Because Cheney said the intelligence community was not seeing 'his' truth. So only Cheney could properly analyze raw data - to see through lies he accused the intelligence community of creating. Why did he call them wrong? The entire intelligence community was not reporting what only Cheney knew. And what UT was told to believe.

Saddam never had or even intended to have WMDs that could attack America. We invaded Iraq because he had weapons that could attack America - the lie.

Liars were so corrupt as to even out CIA agent Valerie Plame because Ambassador Wilson clearly exposed another Cheney lie.

Even Hardball was a liar. German intelligence kept saying so. But that honest fact contradicted Cheney lies.

Shock and Awe was created because liars (such as Hardball) were believed - because that is what Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al wanted to believe. Facts be damned. An expression constantly referenced here in 2003 - because the intelligence community was not saying what Cheney was saying.

The entire WMD thing was a lie that extremists believed because it satisfied their emotions. And was not reported by the intelligence community. UT simply and constantly listened to propaganda.

So biased as to put up pictures of the three National News broadcasters as monkeys doing "No see, no speak, no hear". A mockery by UT because truths they were reporting contradicted UT's biases and unjustified beliefs.

Special Forces captured a trailer. Biological material was found inside that trailer. So Cheney declared it was a portable biological weapons trailer. It was a weather trailer. To create hydrogen for balloons, they used river water that contained had biological debris. Cheney, et al did not care what that river bacteria was. That was enough for wackos to relabel that weather trailer as a biological weapons factory.

UT believed that lie and all others - because some only believe what they want to believe - due to political biases. Another fact stated with the always required reasons why.

UT could not bother to first learn all facts before just knowing Saddam had WMDs. He even denied what George Jr finally admitted. Saddam did not have those WMDs. Intelligence community said it was only a weather trailer. But extremists - who eventually caused the unnecessary death of 5000 American servicemen, intentionally ignored facts.

He even mocked the news anchors from NBC, ABC, and CBS because they (we now know) were accurately reporting the facts.

Cherry picking. It works with people who only see what they want to see. And those are also called Trump voters. Shame on you UT for still denying obvious reasons why you were so wrong. You openly endorsed lies that got 5000 America servicemen uselessly killed.

How ironic. The scumbag president was only ten minute away from doing same in Iran. And our wackos even think that was OK. It is called 'wag the dog'. It is called contempt for the American serviceman.

What the intelligence community was saying was ignored because a political bias wanted to believe a lie. It is called cherry picking. It is routine when extremists invent lies - such as a Caravan approaching the American border to kill us all. Such lies work on extremists who know only from their childish brain and resulting emotions. Even Hitler demonstrated the technique 90 years ago. It works on those who only want to hear what their emotions say.

An irrefutable fact. The scumbag president has surrendered in the Middle East - all but endorsing what will be classic ethnic cleansing. UT will not criticize that president created disaster. Since admitting to that surrender would contradict right wing bias that he did not have over 20 years ago.

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