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Yeah. The timing belt, or "are you feeling lucky, punk?"

We maybe could have gotten 5 more years out of it, or maybe 5 more days. 20 year old car with 125k miles. But having to call a tow truck from god knows where by the side of some road when the engine suddenly dies and won't start up again regardless of how much I crank it would suck. And then towing it to some unknown rip-off shop and having it be kind of urgent to get it fixed in a hurry. Maybe having to rent a car to get home. Buy a hotel room for a couple days while they do the work. Ugh. I feel like they have made movies about this kind of scenario. And then I meet the wife of some powerful business man in the one bar in the little desert town where I broke down, and after having an affair with her, everyone wants to kill me. But I can't leave because my car is still in the damn shop.

Much better to do it now.
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