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Originally Posted by Clodfobble View Post
You did right by him. I've always liked the idea of ashes going where the person wanted them to go, instead of sitting in an urn on someone's shelf.
Exactly. I suspect dad was being a bit facetious about the 405, but he said it so many times over the years that there's no way I wouldn't have followed through. And since I also put some of his ashes in other places that meant a lot to him, I know he'd be pleased with his final resting places. My fireplace mantle never meant anything to him, y'know? But he and mom were married 67 years and they lived in the same place for 37 years, so . . .

RIP, dad. You were the best.

And, in case you're watching, ma, you were my best friend, strongest supporter, and most trusted confidant for my entire life. I miss you like crazy.

Originally Posted by Gravdigr View Post
I just hope their souls go where they want them to.
I'm hoping they're together, satisfied that they lived a good, long life, and that they rest easy knowing how deeply grateful their daughter is for all the wonderful things they did for her over the years.

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Good on ya, Glinda.
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Yeah. This. Well done, Glinda. X
Thanks, everyone. I won the Parent Lottery, big time.
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