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If you genuinely mean WTF Grav, I'll elucidate.
Being a maritime temperate climate (cool, lots of rain), but having a taste for exotic food partly fuelled by Colonialism, a lot of food is imported into the UK. There is a push to encourage people to simply eat seasonally, and only have overseas food as a treat.

For example don't buy strawberries in February, as they have to be flown in from ?Guatemala? For sure have the occasional avocado, as they are not grown here, but try to wait for your asparagus and buy British when it's in season.

It's especially powerful when it comes to meat; we import a lot of lamb (for example) from New Zealand, as their seasons are the exact opposite of ours. But it comes halfway round the world. Instead, try some meat from your doorstep. Or the roadside

Of course free-range animals will always be more expensive than those caged and/ or cultivated. Hence squirrel not being a cheap choice. Not much on the little critters either. But I'd rather eat a squirrel than have it incinerated. Mmmmm, nutty goodness.
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