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I lost my phone charger in my one-up-one-down house. Then found it - still plugged in to the socket behind the telly.

Yesterday,for dinner, I had the second half of a back-of-the-cupboard broth. I'd made it the day before - and it is always nicest second day.

Back-of-the-cupboard broth consisted of:

1 x distressed onion
2 x betentacled potatoes
2 x weary-looking carrots
6 exhausted runner beans
100 grams or so from the big bag of free-flo frozen mince
salt, pepper, dry mixed herbs and a beef stock cube
pint of water
teaspoon of raspberry jam.

For such an uninspiring list of ingredients, it made for a couple of very tasty meals. With buttered wholemeal bread and a spoon of pickled red cabbage.

It's one of my favourite meals actually. I like it because, aside from being delicious, it uses up odds and sods of veg that would otherwise get chucked out. So it feels almost like eating for free, and also makes me feel good about not wasting food - which I am getting better at but still not good enough. On those occasions when I buy a big bag of carrots or potatoes because they're on special offer, I usually end up chucking the last quarter of the bag. Same with most perishable foods - if I buy a lot of it, I eat my way through so much of it then have to throw the last bit. Hence I felt slightly triumphant that my last purchase of veg was almost entirely consumed, all but about five mushrooms anyway.
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