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Bbro, I always used to bake my falafel. A tiny dab of butter on the top before cooking and you get the crisp outside and flavour, with none of the greasiness.

So. This is part of my hospital experience, so feel free to ignore.
Once I'd got past the incompetence (another thread, another time - left without food for over 30 hours despite being diagnosed with malnutrition) I had yummy yum yums for five days.
Delivered to me, no washing up, good times. They wanted to keep me in over the weekend, and usually I'd have been SO up for that, but I wanted to spend Mother's Day with my Mum, and my coach was booked for Saturday morning.


First meal was very poor. I'm (apparently) not supposed to eat processed meat. Sausages, bacon, HAM. What was left after they realised I was actually on the ward, two hours after lunch, four hours after I was transferred? Ham salad or ham salad sandwich.

This was my tea though. I had to have what was leftover, as I wasn't on the ward when the meal request sheets were completed. Lasagne. Looks like a mess, but I was that hungry I nommed it down. 30 hours with no food means you don't even question why lasagne has carrots in it. And blueberry tart with custard.

I was told to eat everything, as well as having high carb, high fibre shakes three times a day. So I did.
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My starter the next day. Minestrone. Lunch starters always included soup, and yet evening (dinner) starters were always fruit juice. Odd.
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Jacket potato with beans & cheese. Sod Atkins - I'm supposed to eat carbs. I've never really stopped that aspect, but it was reiterated. My liver damamge is somehow a factor. Dunno - I don't need an excuse tbh.
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Steak and kidney pie. I ordered it with peas and carrots. They ran out of carrots. See above re I don't care. I love me some peas.
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