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After a couple of months of getting into gender politics and more or less discovering I have a near equal dislike for both the MRA and feminist movement, and choosing to resign the issue of gender politics until a movement that is neither innately incompetent or stupidifyingly counter productive can emerge... I think I finally found something I am more or less ok with:

A tiny gender egalitarian movement that attempts to bridge positions on gender inequality issues from both sides of isle without adhering to one particular narrative over the other... Technically right now it's tiny, but given the 67% who believe in gender equality but wouldn't consider themselves feminists, and given how little traction the male movement has, I would say this - or something like it - has the largest audience to grow on. I don't agree with quite everything the blogs of these sort have to say, but it's the right position to examine things from IMO (Except for not actually understanding what the word "agnostic" means... But you can't have everything *sigh*).

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