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The bank lost my daughter's deposit she made a week and a half ago.

She deposited two checks from summer jobs, totaling about a thousand dollars. It's her spending money and book money for her first year of college. And of course when she went off to college, she cleaned her room and threw away the receipt of the deposit they gave her.

She had gone up to the window with her bank card and asked that the money be deposited into that account. They scanned the checks, and gave her a receipt. They must have put it in somebody else's account since there is no record of it ever being in my daughter's.

Not sure how this is going to pan out.

Luckily, I have the Estate's money in the same bank before I distribute it to the heirs, so they think we are high rolling customers they should take seriously.

We know the date of the deposit and the rough amount. Also who gave her the checks. That's about it.

Save those receipts people!
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