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Just got called into a meeting with the upper management. The owners have appointed the Big Boss from our sister stores to a position above my boss. I know very little about this guy. He says he's going to make us more profitable. He says he's going to fix our broken processes. He says no one is getting fired. He says the guys that work in his other two (smaller) stores make more than we do. He says we're going to make more, but we're going to have to learn to do our jobs differently/better.

It's been my opinion for 5+ years that our current leader is indecisive and inconsistent. Our #2 guy should really be our #1, but #1 hired #2.

I don't mind being uncomfortable if I can improve, and make more money. I also know that if I can't tolerate this guy, I can bounce and go work pretty much anywhere with this job I've had for the last 8 years on my resume.... and that it would be closer to home.

I'm cautiously optimistic today. I hope this guy really does know what he's doing. I hope he's consistent. I don't even mind too much if he's an asshole. Just as long as he's always an asshole. I can't abide a guy that shits on you and then wants to joke around at the end of the day.
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