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Originally Posted by Gravdigr View Post
... I carried Condition One all the time.
Long ago my cop cousin told me about getting hit with a 2x4 where he ended up on the ground while investigating something on the job. He was able to grab his pistol and fire despite taking a severe blow.

Perp wasn't shot but ran away since the guy he just slammed was able to fire.

He told me carry condition one or leave it home.

You'll never be able to predict what you're up against and your ability to draw and fire when you need to most. Even as a civilian. Racking your gat might not be possible with injuries.

I see some people carry on an empty chamber. Many times those people tell me it's not chambered. They don't feel safe with condition one.

I politely chuckle.

If you don't trust yourself, maybe I should be a bit nervous having you carry.
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