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A couple minutes later I looked up again, and waaaaay out there was another plane. I mean it was waaaaaay out there, a mere white speck, floating silently through the sky. I remembered the camera in my hand, so I took a pic. And another, because electrons are free, well almost.

Then I reviewed these most recent pics on the back of my camera. My first thought was "Wtf?" and my very next thought was "No. Fucking. Way."

Now, my camera's screen is a pretty good display, so good in fact, that it regularly lies to me concerning the quality of pics I've just taken, so I wasn't 100% sure I was seeing exactly what I was seeing.

I immediately went to the computer, shoved the card in the slot, and clicked the thing.

"No. Fucking. Way."

I'd just taken two pictures of an AWACS plane!

Both untouched full size crops:

Attachment 63300
Attachment 63301

Auto focus, full 300mm tele, handheld, on a moving target.

I was totally stoked for a while. I'm not real sure why.

Do those airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) regularly patrol the skies over civilian Murka? Did I do something rare and cool by snapping one in flight (from the ground?)? Should I expect a visit from men in dark suits driving black SUVs?
Well fair his fair since he's taking pictures of you!
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