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Not sure where to post this, and I don't want to stay in my own thread all the time so I wouldn't seem so egotistical. Here are the yorkshire pudding I made this afternoon. Had it for lunch. I promised Sundae that I would post up pictures, but I did such a lousy and messy job that it is too embarrassing. I will post up pix of the process next time. And now, here is the end results. Oh yeah, as you noticed, some don't look right. I poured too much batter for the first half of the pan. When I realized so, I spooned some out to fill the remaining slots. Also, the oil in the pans were supposed to be smoking hot, but I became impatient. When I saw a hint of smoke comes out from one or two slots, I poured the batter in. Oh well, until next time.

Psst: Sundae, my sister said the flavor tasted familiar. After a few pieces, she said it tasted like unfilled cream puffs. Anyways, I like it. Thank you very much!!!
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