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What's mildly irritating you today?

I don't mind when moms and dads bring in their kids sales brochure for fundraising. Put it in the kitchen and we can order if we want.

But I find it highly irritating when the mom or dad come up to you, paper in hand, and ask you to order something from their obviously adored child. Today, I said "I can't, I'm broke." She responds, rather testily "you don't have to pay until March." I said "I can't" again and left feeling guilty.

I've been known to order these things before, but with the finances right now I can't justify a 15 dollar jar of peanuts. Maybe a 15 dollar jar of peanuts will be well within my means in a month, but I don't know that!

A dad did this to me a couple weeks ago...went office to office and then complained that it was cutting into his planning of the cruise he's going on.

Let us keep a bit of dignity and don't approach us and demand an order. Put it somewhere prominent, like the kitchen (which is what most people do), send an email to the department (easy to do) and spare us the embarrassment of having to refuse your child's needs to your face.

(PS I usually love the stuff the kids sell, and I like the kids when I know them. This chick has been here 2 weeks and I wouldn't know her kid if he bit me on the ankle.)

That is all.
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