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As an adjunct to my post in Wildlife, living next to nature (#1756, I made a unexpected and unwelcome discovery.
A while ago, I decided that it made sense to have as my nightstand weapon something a smaller and less destructive to windows, favorite geegaws and TV's (not to mention friendlies) than a .357, 12 gauge or Mini-14.
My choice was a Hi-Standard Double Nine, a well made .22 caliber, double action, nine shot revolver, already owned, and loaded with long rifle ammunition.
I decided to use the loud report from said revolver to frighten away Br'er Bear in my briar (blackberry) patch.
Said revolver proceeded to mis-fire on four out of eight shots.
This was Federal Cartridge Corporation "Spitfire" ammo, stored under the best conditions I have, dry, cool and not mishandled.
Internet inquiry and my own experimentation with the mis-fires and other rounds in the container points to faulty primer material.
I guess the rest of those are for the shitcan and I can just hope the Winchester ammo now awaiting unwelcome intruders is better.
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