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We did a play together in college, I was 18 and he was 20 or 21. We became friends, and after the cast party he gave me a ride home and effectively asked permission to kiss me. In my head, that made us exclusive boyfriend/girlfriend, because I never did the casual date thing. (I did the fuck buddy thing a couple times, but it was VERY clearly spelled out in those cases.) So within a day or two we were hanging out at his apartment, it became night, and I got naked. There was lead-up, obviously, but it was very much what I expected was supposed to happen next. He panicked, I assured him it was okay, we managed. A few nights later was the first time he lost it midway through the process, and frequency dropped radically from there. Everything else was fine, he wasn't my soulmate or anything but we had enough in common, spent most of our nights together. The first big red flag was when he told me flat out that he thought ponytails were unattractive, and tank tops were trashy, both of which I wore a lot. Later he admitted to having issues with my "past," to which my thought was, "dude, what little you know of my past is TAME, guess I won't be sharing any more of it..." And then I broke up with him awhile later.
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