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And then the 16 year old, at age 23 - typically that age difference would be super-creepy because the guy is a sexual predator, but here he's doing it because she's not a sexual threat to him. But it's not that you were a threat: you shouldn't feel bad, you were pressing him for a standard heterosexual response and he couldn't get there. You were helping him channel his way to whatever he is. Whatever that is.

AND, AND, you were equally cheated, by not getting any sort of response that would have generated closeness and moving to the next level in a relationship ~ he should feel bad about that!

It's Round two that really says something. Round one, the standard response could be oh man she is really aggressive and i'm not sure i'm ready for all that -- but Round two the standard response is oh man she is really aggressive and this is gonna be super awesome.
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