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Today I hate this thread.

I've bitten off more than I want to chew and the stakes are high. Like, I don't have a way to work in the morning.

More detail to come later, but for now, suffice to say that I've cut the hose off the car, but now I can't get the stumps off the fittings/barbs.

I'm as frustrated with a car repair as I've ever, ever been. This is not technically difficult. Squeeze the hose clamp, pull the hose off. But that's been impossible for me. The quarters are close, the clamp's in a very awkward position. I've already been to the store twice, once for a headlamp to see what the fuck I'm doing and a second time for some specific pliers, hose clamp pliers. But they didn't fit between the ear of one of the clamps and the whateverthefuck was behind it.

Finally gave up, said, y'know, that hose is already dead, I'll just cut it out. That part went well. I think I only cut the dead hose (of course, all hoses cut become dead, but I mean I didn't cut any hoses I wanted to keep). Now I have more room. And STILL CAN'T GET THE FUCKING TOOL ON THE FUCKING CLAMP. Or, I get it on a tiny bit, after... say, fifteen minutes of cussing, and then can't find any more room to grip the remaining hose. Oh, I am so, so, so, so done with this shit. Goddamn, I'm sick of working on this fucker.

Typing this paragraph has given me time to let my hands and fingers warm up a little, I guess I'll go out and try again. JFC.
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