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Ohh.. That's a good one, "Satan's labyrinth".

When I was working for JiffyLube, there were cars we wouldn't service. Some of those cars simply require factory/car specific tools to non-destructively pry the plastic shell/housing/carapace/armor/candy shell from the area with access to the fucking bulb. Really, why in the world would that be considered a good idea? Sure, built in obsolescence, make it a dealer service item only. That's kind of evil though, coming from an old skool git-er-done guy like me. And you, xoB, and a dozen other dwellars who have extensive mechanical abilities. But those abilities don't seem to translate well to the newer vehicles, *even* if the technology is the same, it's just packaged in a way that makes it deliberately difficult to work on.

FFS, I saw cars at the shop that required a specialized tool to take out the drain plug. I'm not talking about the merely unnecessarily, pretentiously "exotic" allen bolt fitting when a tried and true hex head bolt would do, it was like a keyhole, and fucking made of plastic! VW, I love you and you make some quality vehicles. But you do some fucked up shit.
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