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Awesome Glatt. Mine are interesting from a totally different perspective.

When you have a pretty bad clog in your pipes, your plumber may not be able to clear it using augers or chemicals. If the leak isn't moving, the chems won't reach it. If builder put in tight joints, an auger can't reach very far through the pipes.

Then the plumber has to find another point where the drain drains, to try to use the auger there, closer to the clog. To do that, he may have to make several holes in your drywall. If the sink is on an upper floor and the pipes for it aren't straight down, it may take several holes to find it.

If he doesn't find it inside, he may look under your soffets. (The incoming water turned out to be there.)

Once the drain pipe is located, he'll have to put yet another hole in your wall to attach a T-joint so he can use the auger from there. It's especially nice if it's right next to the electrical. And behind your 250 lb. "entertainment center"

If you put chemicals in your pipe to try to clear the clog, at this point they will all drain out into your living room. If your plumber is experienced he will catch this stuff in a bucket without getting caustically burned himself.

Total bill: $752.30 and I will have to fix this damage myself. Maybe in the Spring. Where is that procrastination thread?
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