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Originally Posted by Happy Monkey View Post
A happy monkey.

I posted over in Flickr that we were there the same day as you. We seemed to be about an hour behind you that day.

Highlights of the visit that day were 1) the mama lion going nuts because she wanted to get back in where I imagine her cubs were. Pacing around and roaring and jumping up on the steel door to look through the window to them. Over and over again. It drew quite a crowd. After the incident in San Francisco, I admit I got a bit of an adrenaline rush watching her all agitated. 2) Watching a male orangutan hump a female in a semi missionary position, stop, bend down to sniff her crotch, and then continue. He was sort of standing up, but squatting with his pelvis only a couple inches off the floor while she was leaning back against the wall, looking all bored. Come to think of it, he looked bored too. And then 3) watching another orangutan chew up a bunch of food for a while, spit it out onto the floor, and then start chewing it again. It repeated this 2-3 times before we left.

Good times.
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