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Originally Posted by LabRat View Post
How funny Brianna...just not too long ago after our neighbors were annoying us, I thought to myself "at least they don't have a camera on our house like Bri had. I wonder what ever happened with all that?."

What ever happened with all that?
I told my ex husband about it. He said he was going to go over there and ask her why she had a camera on our teen-aged son. She took it down toot-sweet. Dumb cow.

she's rude, a rumor-monger, stirs the pot every chance she gets, accused one neighbor of pulling a gun on her (didn't happen) and another neighbors dog "killed" her cat - again, the dog did nothing. Her cat is fine. She makes shit UP. I have to keep telling myself that she's mentally ill so I don't just go over there and punch her nose in.
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