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When I was in the nuthouse, a few things kept me going.
A major one was the itsy bitsy DVD player my Mum bought me, which I defiantly didn't have PAT tested (after they took over a week to PAT test my radio) and CEX, which is a place to buy and sell DVDs, CDs, games etc. You can pick up films for like 50p, so you don't have to be too choosy.

I watched LOADS. I found my phone headphones, which I've never used, fit the socket, so I could shut out the screms and shouting and weeping IRL with the same on DVD.
The machine just EATS up battery time, so it's perfect if you're not paying for the electricity

Last films I watched were:
Grave Encounters. A film crew go into a shut down mental hospital looking for ghostly footage. Things do not go as they (or I) expected. I watched on a pretty lively night on the ward, so was probably far more creeped out than was caused by the film. I had my light off and the privacy shade drawn on the observation window so I was isolated fro what was happening. Like being a kid reading by flashlight.

Off the back of that, the person serving me recommended The Dyatlov Pass Incident. They didn't have it in at the time, but when it turned up I bought it. It was... Odd. I can see the correlation between the films. Mildly creepy, then building to an improbable climax too slowly, interspersed with some really jarring shocks. I watched that one in daylight.
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