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Wow, I just had a showdown with a Ford Explorer and one of those new boxy Mercedes SUVs. Went for a 50-miler this morning (across GW bridge to NJ). I was cruising home on my street (two lanes each way), riding on the right-most edge of the far right lane, when this damn Explorer comes flying down the street in the left lane and cuts right in front of me, missing me by about 1.5-2 feet. I shout, but my voice is muffled by the rumble of the Mercedes, which then did the SAME EXACT thing (apparently in pursuit of the Explorer).

The trucks are side by side at the red light ahead, so I wheel in front of both of them and flick 'em off. The light turns green, I drop into my highest gear, take off sprinting down the street. Only problem is there is a beer delivery truck blocking the far right lane. I'm pulling about 30-31 mph at this point, and I hear the Explorer accelerating in the left lane (Mercedes is behind me) as we're approaching the truck. I cut into the left lane to avoid the truck, but a bus is coming in the opposite direction and the space between the bus and this big ass beer truck is too tight for the Explorer. The asshole driving the Explorer slams on his brakes, and the Mercedes, which was trying to jump behind the Explorer, almost crashes into him. Let's not forget the dozen or so cars that were behind those guys. And then, like a sign from the heavens, in front of the beer truck was an NYPD traffic cop, who signals for the Explorer to pull over. I didn't stick around to make myself the scapegoat.

I know, I know, *I* am such an asshole.
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