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Happy Monkey,
I just saw that 3M is doing a contest for Scotch tape sculptures. Dude, this has you written all over it. You have to enter. Then we can all go there and vote for you. $5000 grand prize, and a case of tape.

part of the rules:

# Entrant must demonstrate that the sculpture subject of the Entry was created using Scotch® Premium Performance Packaging Tape #3850 or, alternatively, Scotch® High Performance Packaging Tape #3500/3501. The amount of Scotch® Packaging Tape used to create the sculpture must be 90% or higher;
# Up to 10% of the Sculpture/Entry may include other materials to support or enhance the sculpture and is limited to wire, cardboard, paint, lighting, wood, fabric and plastic. It may not include words or other objects;
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